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MORNING AM8:00-AM10:00
CAFE PM2:00-
BAR PM7:00-


    We offer a set of croissant sand and 1 drink.
    The contents of the sandwich change every morning so you can enjoy it without getting bored.

    Before going out, many guests around the world said “Good morning! "The day begins.
  • CAFE


    We offer hand drip coffee and soft drinks.
    Alcoholic drinks may be available, so please ask.

    You can use it freely for meetings and self-study.
  • BAR


    Japanese major beer and several craft beers and cocktails are available.
    Enjoy interacting with one hand of beer!

    Of course we also offer snacks that are perfect for sake!

    It may correspond by the number of children.
    Please wait patiently!

    Although it is a price to be worried about, all food menus are available from 200 yen
    Please enjoy it because it is affordable!